With us, you don't have to worry about installing your smarthome solution

We take care of this for you
  • Personalised advice

    Give up one size fits all solutions and get your personalized smarthome offer! Access the configurator section or ask for specialized advice from one of our BLUe team partner consultants. Whether it is about comfort, security or optimized energy costs, we’ll help you configure the best solution.

  • Installation & Configuration

    Our assisted equipment and device installation will also get worries off your shoulders! The BLUe authorised expert teams we’ll see through physical installation and the integration of your own Z-Wave system communication (accessible from the BLUe platform).

  • Making your home life tech-easier

    Problems are best solved together! That’s why when things get harder to handle, all you have to do is contact us. We’ll be there with you by diagnosing and fixing matters, changing faulty devices and even by sending our BLUe authorised expert teams.

  • Do you have time to talk about… home technology

    If you’re a smarthome enthusiast just like us we’ll be more than tech-lovingly glad to talk to you about IoT innovations, green technology, home and office solutions together with legal changes. Also, you can ask us away by sending us a message at contact@blue.com
    Together with you, from one smarthome innovation to another. :)