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Forgot to check the food in the oven?

The Z-Wave Vision Smoke can detect even small amounts of smoke and sends an alert signal to up to five associated Z-Wave devices.

Vanilla or strawberry? Scent even the tiniest candle!

The Z-Wave Vision Smoke Sensor is a Z-Wave compatible sensor that can detect even small amounts of smoke. It is battery operated and uses beeps and red LED flashes when activated. When the sensor detects smoke, it sends an alert signal to up to five associated Z-Wave devices, enabling the alarm to be escalated by activating other sirens or sending an email via the central Z-Wave controller.

Battery replacement is simple and it is announced by the sensor by flashing its LED and by sending an alert to the central controller.

Operation Manual
  • Automatic notification in case of malfunction
  • Temporarily silence false alarms
  • Alarm audibility: 85 dB
  • Automatic notification of incorrect installation
  • Operating temperature: 0 ; +49 °C
  • Encrypted communication with the central gateway
  • Automatic notification in case the battery needs replacing
  • Fully compatible with the Z-Wave networks

A match made in tech heaven!

Blue Guard is the home monitoring and surveillance solution that complements the BLUe application! Information updates regarding movement, including images (made by surveillance video cams). Home monitoring and warning in case of flooding, smoke or carbon dioxide occurrence. Stand-alone function (without installing the Blue companion app). Love at first read? Be sure that you own security devices before initiating the BLUe Guard application.