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Unexpected guests?

The motion detector PIR (Passive Infrared Receiver) recognizes the presence of a person or pet in a room, and also works as a temperature sensor.

Track every movement.

Battery operated and with a 3 to 5 years CR123 Lithium battery life, the motion detector PIR (Passive Infrared Receiver) can communicate with controller / other associated Z-wave device and periodically sends status information after a programmable sleep time. It also supports normal Z-Wave inclusions, auto inclusion and network wide inclusions and announces the Z-Wave controller when the battery needs to be replaced.

A tamper switch protects the device from removal or manipulation if used in security applications.

Operation Manual
  • 4-in-1 Motion sensor (motion, temperature, humidity & light)
  • Posibility to install in different angles
  • It can be installed on high ceilings, up to 5 m
  • Operating temperature: -10 ; +40 °C
  • Encrypted communication with the central gateway
  • Fully compatible with Z-Wave networks
  • Automatic notification in case the battery needs replacing
  • Easy installation

A match made in tech heaven!

Blue Guard is the home monitoring and surveillance solution that complements the BLUe application! Information updates regarding movement, including images (made by surveillance video cams). Home monitoring and warning in case of flooding, smoke or carbon dioxide occurrence. Stand-alone function (without installing the Blue companion app). Love at first read? Be sure that you own security devices before initiating the BLUe Guard application.