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Easily monitor your gas consumption and start saving!

Understand your family’s consumption behaviour and adjust it to budget comfortable parameters

The device is attached to the extisting gas meter and offers automatic reading of gas consumption together with sending data from the distance to the central platform via gateway. Compatible with almost every existing gas meters with a magnetic contact or silver spot.

Operation Manual
  • Fully compatible with Z-Wave networks
  • Operating temperature: 0°C; +50°C
  • Battery Operated: 2x AA
  • Weather Resistent: IP4
  • Cable Length: 5 meters
  • Data storage: 3 months of consumption data (values every 15 minutes)

 A match made in tech heaven!

BLUe Home Manager is the central console for communicating with all of the appliances from your household. All of the devices are integrated into a single platform, easily accessible from your phone, tablet or PC. Have your house in the palm of your hand. Control the entire system, even from afar. No matter your preferences, install, update, set and get periodic notifications and results from all of your personal BLUe devices. From now on you can be the main character of your own house’s story! Just sit back, relax and spend your time on what really matters in life.